Top Five Smartphones to Buy in 2019

Smart phones are undoubtedly the most crucial gadget that has framed the lives of all individuals. There are numerous brands making the cut today; however, it gets extremely easy to differentiate between a good and a bad smartphone. The best ones available in the market are so good that they surpass the need for laptops for individuals.

They comprise all necessary functions that range from spreadsheets to playing HD videos; the new smartphones are equipped to do everything. They are so well designed that they can multitask and fulfill each and every need of their users. These are packed with the latest technology and are combined with the best design and features. Here is a list of the top 5 smartphones to buy in the year 2019:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+

The Samsung Note 10 has launched recently and has already managed to secure the top position in the list of the best smartphones of the year. It comes with an in-screen reader that is the first in the history of Samsung. It has a colorful beguiling backside that is extremely catchy and quirky. The camera and tools that come with are slowly approaching itself as fun to use package. It furthermore comes with a dedicated night mode, which takes a lot clearer and brighter shots than ever before. Stay tuned with for more details.

Price: 1118.37 $

  • iPhone XS Max

This is not only one of the best, but also one of the most expensive smart phones to have ever come to market. It gives you the best display that a smartphone has ever had with a 6.5-inch HDR display. It is backed with Apple A12 Bionic chip that comes with a neural engine that handles all AI tasks effectively. The back of the phone comes with a dual-camera that lets its users adjust the depth of the field, create animojis, and also adjust the portrait lighting as well.

Price:  1370.22 $

  • Huawei P30 Pro

With excellent design and featured filled power pack, the phone slides itself into the best Smartphones of 2019. It offers a lightning-fast performance with the help of the Kirin 980 processor, the fastest CPU worldwide and 8GB RAM. Phones on Saga offers a quad-lens camera, it manages to capture outstanding shots along with the help of 5x optical zoom. It supports an in-display fingerprint whose touch is commendable.

Price: 838.950 $


It has earned itself as being the flagship phone from that of OnePlus. It comes with a beautiful 2K AMOLED display that makes the display super impressive. It comes with a whopping 12GB RAM that makes the smart phone unique from the rest. There is a triple camera that comes with 48MP primary camera in addition to 16MP wide-angle camera along with an 8MP telephoto lens backed with 3X optical zoom.


Price: 685.290 $

Google Pixel 3XL

The Google Pixel 3 XL is making its way to the top list since the very first model. It offers Snapdragon 845 that keeps everything working in place. This phone makes use of glass backing that helps wireless charging in this model range for the very first time. Although it comes with a single lens, however, it is capable of capturing great shots with the recent upgrade of Night Sight that enables low light photography.

Price: 760.668 $


These smartphones are the top 5 phones available for you to buy in 2019. While there are many others as well, however, these five truly deserve special mention compared to the others. For more knowledge of the latest smartphones subscribe

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