Shakuntala and the Lost Ring

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Have you ever heard of a story in which Prince charming meets this beautiful woman and desires her body then they have sex, the woman is pregnant and the prince goes back to his so-called Prza and promises his mistress that he will come back or send someone to get her. But after going back he forgets her and continues to live his life and since he is a Prince he might or might not have other wives. Oh! I forgot to tell you the part where they secretly get married since it will be a taboo to have sex without marriage. Also when the prince’s bride with their newborn baby goes to see the prince because he hasn’t come to get her yet, he denies to have any connection with her and calls her a whore. When people pressurize the prince and accuse him of ruining a girl’s life, he looks at a ring and says hey I remember her she is my wife whom I married secretly in the jungle.

So I hope you guys got where I was going with it and if you guessed Dushyant-Shakultala’s famous love story then yes you are right I am talking about that. So Abhigyan Shakuntala is basically a story of recognition of Shakuntala where Dushyanta recognizes her after looking at a ring which he gave her as a token of his love. Was it a token of love or a token of something else? It was written by famous poet Kalidasa. We have many versions of the story and every story ends a little differently but the lovers surely meet.

We meet Dushyant and Shakuntala in the great Indian epic Mahabharata where their son Bharata is the ancestor of Kaurava and Pandava lineage. It is a popular belief that the name of our country Bharat was based on Bharat’s name. This play is so popular that it has been translated into many languages including German, French, Danish, Italian and so on. This play created a sensation among Europeans when it was translated into English. Abhigyan Shakuntala is still a very popular play after so much time and every person of any generation loves it including me.

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