Rambo: Last Blood, More Action Awaited

Rambo: Last Blood which is expected to be out in the theatres on the 20th of September, is obviously one of the most curiosity evoking and anticipated movies of this month. Rambo: The last Blood is the 5th release of the franchise of Rambo. The discussions of the release of this movie, from the franchise, have started from as early as 2008. Which was the last film released by the franchise, that was the Rambo. The inspiration for these series of movies comes from a book called First Blood that was written by David Morrell in the year 1972.

The series from the franchise in the previous movies, like First Blood released in 1982, Rambo: First Blood Part 2 that came out in 1985, Rambo 3 released in 1988, Rambo released in 2008 and finally Rambo: The Last blood that is expected release in 2019 20th September, in all these series the role of the protagonist, Rambo is played by Sylvester Stallone. He seems to be extremely well fitted for the role who is of utmost importance in the action Thriller series of Rambo. The previous movies give us little bit of an idea as to what to expect from this movie.

In the previous movies, it is clear that Rambo who plays the protagonist’s role gets all his action and fighting skills from when he was a part of the US army. After which he retires due to mental the trauma he suffers during the Vietnam War. He then is determined to fight for justice and restore faith in the world.

There are multiple reasons why Rambo is trending so much and is making so much noise. One of it is the amazing acting skills demonstrated by the actor next the direction and the action that is so well directed that it keeps the audience thrilled and hooked to the edge of their seats. If these two contribute to about 30 % of the success of the movie, another 20% is the intriguing storyline but the most important thing and the majority of the success credit goes to the amazing character by the protagonist.

Any movie that can evoke curiosity and keeps the curiosity steady till the end of the movie is sure to be a success. That is first thing that Rambo, the protagonist of the movie does in a thrilled and action-packed manner. The Character of Rambo is so well set that it tugs your heartstrings; it is a natural craving for the audiences to wish that Rambo wins and defeats the Rivals because the Character of Rambo is so set that you take a liking to the character in the first half of the movie itself. Though he is shown in roles of fight and blood the character is so appealing to us because he is fighting for the good and for the underdogs who are incapable of protecting themselves. This appealing character of his has stuck with him for the past 4 movies and it will continue to do so in this movie,

As you can see in the trailer the character of Rambo is first shown in the deserted land where he says that he has no one to care for him, which kind of draws a little gloom and cold-heartedness to the character.  But soon there is a shift in the plot when there is a young girl who comes in search of him and calls him uncle, it displays the soft side of the character Rambo as he is drawn towards his soft side of the character, where you can see that in line with his previous characters he will always fight for anyone who is in close acquaintance with him or if there is a need to fight for justice. This is the moment when the audience also get hooked because they too want the good to win. As the plot in the trailer moves, the girl wants to go to Mexico to find her father and despite multiple attempts by Rambo where it is seen that he cares and has done everything he could to save the only family he knows going away from him, yet she goes and never returns. He is overcome by his good nature to find her and follows her to Mexico where he faces a whole new world of Adventure. We will have to patiently wait to see if our beloved character wins.

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