Rafael Nadal: Counting of Grand Slam Is On

What a fantastic match took place! On 9 September 2019, Monday US Men Open singles match took place. Rafael Nadal earned his 19th Grand Slam title what a crazy match it was! Rafael Nadal scoreline was 7-5 6-3 5-7 4-6 6-4. Rafael Nadal played against Medvedev at Arthur Ashe Stadium. The game took four hours and 49 minutes to finish.

Rafael Nadal commented that it was an incredible match and he also praised Medvedev who has won the most of the ATP tour in this year.

The Spanish player Rafael Nadal is Professional tennis player with a rank 2 in the world. He said that the victory means a lot to him. The match became challenging to win, and it was a tough match.He said that I have become just emotional. Rafael Nadal also said that the final match was amazing and the match was under control.

He also commented about Daniil that his summer is one of the best summers. He has seen in the sport, and everybody knows the reason why he is number four in the world with just 23-year-old age so congratulations to him. The video also was played in the stadium where the clipping of the Rafael Nadal Grand Slam title was featured.

The 33-year-old Rafael Nadal said that it is one of the emotional nights in my career, after watching the video was played. He also said that the first thing I have to say is thank you, everybody, in the stadium for supporting me and giving me amazing energy at the stadium.

It is my pleasure and honor that I got an opportunity to play in front of you all. He said that this is not the stadium but my energy and many, many thanks. Spanish player Rafael Nadal got the victory in the US men’s signals for the fourth time against the Russian Player Daniil Medvedev.

The match took place for five-set finals, and it was a real challenging match against a Russian player Daniil Medvedev. With the 19th Grand Slam victory of Rafael Nadal, he has come closer and filled the gap of one on Swiss Legend Roger Federer. He also moved ahead to the third position of Novak Djokovic for second place in the solo list. He has continued to win the streak of 10 straight matches.

Rafael Nadal number 2 player in the world won the top prize of $3.85 million at Arthur Ashe stadium. Nadal played his fifth US Open Championship game and 27th Grand Slam title. He is the first person who has achieved five significant titles after turning 30Nadal took a lot of effort and worked hard to become the first player who dropped the final after leading two sets since Frederick Schroeder in 1949.

Rafael Nadal has just dropped only one Grand Slam title match out of more than 200 after winning two sets; the loss was in the 2015 US open third round.The US Men’s open signals 2019 is the longest final that took place in the history after Mats Wilander’s 1988 and Andy Murray’s 2012 title.Rafael Nadal has won the second slam title of the year 2019 after winning his 12th French open crown in June.He has reached the Federer’s mark and has moved to the open era record titles which are won by Connors, Sampras, and Federer.


Rafael Nadal has set an example to each of us that with consistent hard work and determination, anything is possible. No matter how tough the match is but having strong willpower, one gets his glory

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