Plastic: How lethal It Could Be For Environment?

Plastics- you have seen this everywhere. There are hardly any houses that are devoid of plastic these days. It has infested every nook and corner of one’s house and one’s life. Everything that can be replaced by plastic has been replaced now and now there is so much plastic in the world that it has become the biggest threat. Plastics are used for everything from small to big items in your household. Right from the wrapping paper of the Eateries to the storage boxes. Everything is Plastic. An average household consists of at least 20 to 25 %of Plastic items.

When it has infested and occupied so much space of our lives it is astonishing to think of a life without it. It is due to the property of plastic turning into any shape when heated and the property of its durability to withhold any item solid or liquid in it is the reason it is so extensively used all over the world.

So, what is the problem, well it boils down to firstly the large-scale production of Plastics. The high population has led to the extremely large production of plastics, but the bigger problem was when these single-use plastics like carry bags, wrappers, straws, disposable cups, etc, are not being disposed in a proper manner. It is important to note here that the plastics are made of petroleum by-products and the biggest issue was when people started to burn plastic along with the other waste elements. These fumes or gas that is emitted from the burning of Plastic is extremely toxic and carcinogenic. It adds to the already polluted air and can cause a lot of deadly diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis and in more severe cases Cancer too. The other method was to vaguely dispose plastic in out in the land-fills, (Mostly in India) these when mixed with wet waste and disposed becomes a hub for stray animals feeding area. Like cows, dogs, pigs, etc. These innocent animals have no knowledge of what is Organic and what is not and they end up eating the plastics too. There have been numerous cases of animals suffering or sometimes dying when they feed on Plastic and choke as it obviously is toxic and indigestible. The largest problem of all when a lot of countries resolved to dump their waste in the oceans. The oceans started clogging up with disposed plastic waste and the sea animals and fishes suffered a lot as the single-use plastic floated on the ocean surface interfering with their food hunting, sometimes blocking their sunlight and hindering their movement. Due to all these alarming reasons, plastic has started to gain a negative impression and has become a worldwide concern.

The plastic has the ability to stay on the land, unchanged in its structure for over 5000 years. That means that all the toothbrushes, since the evolution of toothbrushes are still on the planet earth without any changes in its shape or form. Hence Plastics destruction is not easy nor is it safe. So there has been a demand for alternative solutions faster than ever.

In India, Single-use Plastics are expected to be banned from the 2nd of October 2019. So the alternative is to be conscious about trying to reduce the use of single-use plastic as much as possible. These are some things that you can do so that together we can win over plastic pollution

Always carry your own bag whenever you go out shopping

Always segregate your waste as wet waste and dry waste

Choose companies that recycle their plastic or are plastic positive

Switch to alternative items like wooden toothbrushes, steel straws, glass bottles, and jars, etc.

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