Kidney Diseases: Few Very Important Step to Save Kidney

Kidneys are a vital part of our body that filters the blood and pass the waste from our body. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a familiar health concern in the present world. CKD can cause many problems like cardiovascular disease, weaken bones, heart collapse, high blood pressure, nerve damage, kidney failure, anemia, and finally death. So, kidney diseases are like slow poisons which affect the body most by damaging the functions of other organs slowly. It highly affects the quality of your life. Therefore it is very necessary to keep your kidney healthy to get a healthy life. There are some easy ways to decrease the risk of generating kidney disease.

  • Keep your kidney healthy and active- You should keep your kidney healthy and active to lessen the possibility of CKD.
  • Control blood sugar level- Mostly diabetic patients develop kidney diseases. So you have to control the blood sugar levels for keeping the kidney healthy.
  • Monitor the blood pressure level- High blood pressure commonly causes kidney damage. So try to control blood pressure levels to avoid kidney diseases.
  • Maintain your weight- A healthy fit body can prevent diabetes, which shortens the chance of kidney damage. Reduce intaking salt to prevent any kidney issues. Maintain your weight to keep the body fit and to keep your kidney fit.
  • Avoid smoking- Must avoid smoking as it slows down the blood flow to kidneys. When there is less blood flow to the kidney, it can not function in a proper way. Smoking also causes kidney cancer. So you must quit smoking.
  • Avoid taking over counter pills- Non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs cause kidney damage sometimes. So avoid over the counter pills to reduce the chances of kidney disorders.

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Food habits to get a healthy kidney- 10% population are affected by kidney diseases across the world. For kidney diseases, High blood pressure and diabetes are the most common risk. Though smoking, genetics, smoking also can increase the possibility of kidney disease. Here are some food habits that will help to keep your kidney healthy.

Sodium- Try to take less than 2000 mg of sodium in your daily food habit as an excess amount of sodium raises blood pressure level which is harmful to your kidney.

  • Potassium- Limit intaking potassium for controlling your blood pressure level. It is suggested to take less 2,000 mg of potassium per day.
  • Phosphorus- Excessive amount of intaking phosphorus is harmful to the kidney as it damages the body. You should intake 800 to 1,200 mg of phosphorus in your daily food habit.
  • Protein- You need to limit the amount of intaking protein to keep your kidney healthy. It is recommended to intake 46 to 56 grams of protein in your daily food habit for keeping the kidney healthy.

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Foods for keeping the kidney fit: Though there are many restrictions in the everyday food habit to keep the kidney healthy, still there are many foods such as cauliflower, blueberries, red grapes, buckwheat, bulgur, cabbage, skinless chicken, bell peppers, etc. that will keep the kidney fit.

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If you want to keep your kidney healthy must go for practicing yoga on a daily basis. Yoga can control the blood pressure rate which will be a healthy sign for your kidney. Yoga has both the physical and spiritual elements which keep the body healthy as well as the mind. Some yoga poses can improve kidney function and helps to keep the kidney healthy. So yoga is a must to do for prohibiting the possibility of any kidney diseases.

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