Importance of Keyword density – An Outlook

Keywords are a total game-changer in online content management. When you are creating some new content that will be published on online platforms, then there is no way you can ignore keyword optimization. This is because keywords drag in the traffic to your content. Keywords can be of different types including primary, secondary and tertiary. This stratification is based on the amount of importance given to the set of words. The primary ones are usually one or two, the secondary can be a little more and the same for tertiary. Nowadays everyone is much aware of the primary keywords but they tend to ignore the secondary and tertiary ones. However, they should not be overlooked because they can help you crack some real deal in your online campaign. Moreover, you need to be precise in the number of times you’d be using tertiary keywords and the others as well. As far as the tertiary keywords are concerned, make sure you do not exceed their limit beyond 1% of your content.

What are tertiary keywords?

Tertiary keywords are meant to complement primary and secondary keywords. When mentioning the meta tags, the align at the third line of importance in this section. These are not a part of the core keyword team. They are dependent upon the formation of primary and are chosen accordingly. Unlike primary keywords, tertiary can be higher in number and can be used for a couple of times more independently. Moreover, it plays a supporting role towards the others. If your website page is comparatively new, then you should definitely target the tertiary ones. This is because all the other people would be concerned about the primary ones and will hardly pay any attention to these. A lot of people tend to consider tertiary keywords to be insignificant, but this fact is totally not true. The primary keywords gather the volume searching quotient but it is these that shoot up the rank. They also help to narrow down the concerns and interests of people and help them discover you faster. 

Selecting the right keyword

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO because a lot of people just randomly choose a couple of words to be their keyword. However, choosing the right keyword and correct density is the most important task. Make sure you do not go for the most common or general words used in your niche. This will only make you a part of the large crowd, most of which goes unnoticed due to excessive competition. On the contrary, if you try to be specific you may not even get the expected traffic. This is because not a lot of people know the technical terminology are the jargon that you might choose to be your keyword. There will be hardly any searches related to the terms and the same will be the case of visitors. So it is advisable to be smart and creative in the selection of your keywords for getting higher ranks in the searches. You can be a lot more liberal with the tertiary keywords as compared to the others.

Boost up your game with tertiary keywords

The algorithms of search engines keep on changing on a regular basis so keeping a track of the latest trends becomes unavoidable. Moreover, extremely popular search engines like Google look for the overall keyword percentage to be less than 2.5% to 3% of the entire content. In order to achieve the perfect score subside your tertiary keywords levels to 1%. These keywords are dependent and closely linked to primary ones so they will boost up your rank in the search results. If you are unsure about them, then you can use the available techniques to determine your setup tertiary keywords. The easiest way is to just type your primary keywords in the Google search bar and choose from the results shown. All of the results shown can be easily used as tertiary keywords and are also very popular in the specific niche. If you choose the wrong keyword or do not cope up well with density when chances are high that your SEO efforts will go in vain. It has been observed that afterward keyword implementation or optimization is also of little help and hardly changes the scenario. 

Do not fall for alluring tricks

Putting in keywords in higher numbers may seem alluring at first but it is not going to help in any way. This will only ruin your online presence and in turn your business. Popularly known by the name keyword stuffing is a practice that needs to be avoided under all circumstances. Keyword stuffing is generally forceful and can easily be observed by a reader. And as soon as they discover it they will lose interest in your write up which will not be good for you. Do not try to adjust tertiary and secondary keywords meaninglessly in the written piece. Moreover, considering the changing trends it is advisable to stay on a safe numeric point for the number of keywords. Considering the fact the keyword density of tertiary keywords must be 1%. Using fancy words as keywords are also something for which people easily fall. However, this does not help in any way they are rarely typed by people in their search bars. Give an optimum amount of time and research into the selection of each category of keywords.

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