How important the keyword density actually is?

You might be creating some of the best content in your specific niche but still failing to get the expected traffic. Ever pondered over the thought? One of the most prominent reasons can be a lack of search engine optimization or another can be an excess of it. A lot of people tend to stuff in an excess of keyword and end up ruining their performance. It is very essential to know up to what extent can keyword density affects your online marketing campaigns and ultimately your business. Besides, the vitality of keyword density keeps on changing even in the most popular search engine algorithms. So it is advisable to understand the trend and put in the keywords accordingly. Moreover, it is not just the primary keyword you should be concerned about but the secondary keyword can also be a game-changer. They can also largely affect various important aspects of your online reach. So here is a guide that will help you understand why maintaining an optimum secondary keyword percentage is necessary. 

All you need to know about the keyword density

Insertion of keywords is the most basic step in SEO as compared to other technical techniques. The number of times your webpage will appear in the search list depends on the work done on the optimization part in accordance with the ongoing algorithms. So in simpler words keyword density is the number of times keyword(s) is inserted the content against the total number of words used. Another term used as a replacement for keyword density is keyword frequency, which apparently is the same. A large number of techniques are put to use for getting the correct ratio. One amongst them is dividing the number of times keywords are used with the total number of words. If the ratio of your keywords comes out to be 2%, then you have already done a great job. Furthermore, this density tends to fall on the safer side as none of the search engines defines what is the exact or even nearby correct ratio for the same. This quantitative data ensures that you do not overdo or under-do it. 

Why is secondary keyword crucial?

Keywords are the path through which readers come to your page from the search bars. Everyone involved in the search engine optimization business is well aware of the primary keyword but the same might or might not be the case with secondary keywords. Most of the time, there is one (or two) primary keywords and a couple of secondary ones and a few tertiary ones too. You need to be well aware of your targeted audience, whether it is geographically specific or specific because of their interests and age. This analysis will help you in selecting the correct keywords, their position, and their number as well. The secondary keyword compliments the primary one and adds to its effectiveness. A secondary keyword is seen after the primary one and is not given as much importance. However, it is majorly involved in attracting an audience and influences a good amount of visitors quotient in the PPC segment as well. 

Keyword stuffing can be bad and beyond imagination

This is one of the trendiest practices and the dangerous ones as well. People would irrelevantly insert keywords into their content that looks unnatural and forced as well. Stuffing keywords snatches away the charm of a lot of good write-ups and makes the true essence fade away. Keyword insertion needs to be natural and effortless so that it draws the interest of the reader and makes them curious about it. You need to be attentive while putting in your secondary keyword as well because this holds equal stakes when it comes to affecting results and bringing public attention. So make sure that not just your primary one but your secondary keyword also remains at 2% density. The search engine algorithms have become smarter and tend to push down such pages. Moreover, such sites are also penalized for the stuffing work and receive a really low ranking and end up showing nowhere and the same goes for receiving an audience.

Exclusive information on secondary keywords

Primary keyword grabs the attention of search engine and secondary enhances the audience visit and help people to reach down to specific niches and their concerned point of interest. You need to be very mindful of the language or words you choose to make the secondary keyword. Sometimes choosing extremely fancy words or words that are not known to your audiences and then repetitively using them reduces the rank many folds. At the same time, do not use general keywords as this will make your webpages be a part of the unnoticed horde. Try not to be extremely specific because not a lot of people are aware of the jargon. so the best acceptable alternative can be to be specific with some quotient and let the rest be a combination of the general words and other creative keywords. Moreover, secondary keywords bring along freedom; you can use them more than the primary ones which are to be inserted only once. However, make it up to 2% only or you may actually destroy its benefits.


If you put up your content online, then it is essential to be well versed in SEO and related techniques. Keyword insertion is one amongst them and overdoing it only brings bad results. Moreover, a lot of techniques have been developed that can help to roughly estimate the correct number of keywords. You are free to use secondary keywords more than the primary ones but do not exceed the limit by 2%. If not followed your optimization can fall into the keyword stuffing category. Then, the search will identify the fact and penalize you for the same; pushing your rank down in the ranking list. Under any circumstances do not ignore the vitality of secondary keywords as they help to narrow down to specifics and are a specialty in the PPC strata.  

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