Unnecessary Hype about AYOBA

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp, the SMS trends and the e-commerce trends have been seen at their side only. Well, that was purely the motive: to replace the SMS texting with Whatsapp. Many of us knew it when Whatsapp had its great entry in the eCommerce sector all over the world. It was 2014 when Facebook had an agenda of helping everybody who paid for the SMS service. And now it’s 2019 when Whatsapp is continuing doing that. In 2012, it was noted when Informa said that over 19 billion messages are exchanged over chat apps compared to just 17 billion on traditional SMS system. But, this was not it. He further added that by the coming years, for example by 2014, 50 billion messages will probably be sent every day by chat apps been compared to a mere 21 billion by SMS. Successfully been replaced, SMS services are now almost vanished. But, what has suffered through the process is that e-commerce for small business has been neglected in the process. Who knows if it is still the plan on working which definitely will affect Africa along with India.

African e-commerce is all about chat or messaging economy. But, sadly not a lot of leading companies or developers have taken a step towards the country. The chat economy in Africa still needs a lot of industry and market to develop. They have just been waiting for Whatsapp till now to do it which seems like never happening thing now. Somebody had to take care of it.

According to a report, about 23 billion dollars of SMS revenue was lost in 2012, and it was expected to go down even more. But because of some companies or services that still depended on SMS saved it (a little). No matter how many apps come and go for convenient texting but they can all work on smartphones and the people in the underdeveloped the people with not much money still got to use SMS for them. The same is the problem with Africa where there are plenty of applications that offer convenient texting but fail to meet the requirements of the underdeveloped area, small businesses and people with no money.

Here, MTN, the leading network providers in Africa have thought of a million-dollar solution to all their financial crisis, and that is developing an app that is free of cost and relatively works as SMS service. What MTN is trying to do is replace all the chat applications and provide an alternative for SMS revenue in Africa. Some of its targets are very clear like WhatsApp by covering all the negative or missing factors of Whatsapp. Mainly, the participation in the e-commerce sector. 

Why MTN should not be ignored?

Well, if you are thinking of underestimating MTN or AYOBA for a minute as an ordinary chat application that would get lost in the industry among the leading WhatsApp or we chat, you might want to reconsider. Why? Remember when Chrome came into the market and everybody considered it another ordinary browser. Well, it is still a browser among many but just that it is one of the leading ones now. How? No matter how hard we laughed with its motive to lead the industry, it’s true now. They made it faster than each of the ones available, innovated the browser for users, and they got app economy which eventually gave them a way to top.

While chrome had to do so much to settle and grow, AYOBA, on‌ ‌the‌ ‌other‌ ‌hand, needs to do nothing. It does not need to be an innovative application for users to chat. Because it already has an agenda that will directly target the market. What is it? As mentioned earlier, it is going to shoot the e-commerce sector by developing in pay system into the hat application. Think of one chat application that does that. Got any? You won’t. Africa’s e-commerce awaits a new and huge change that MTN is planning. And this is going to put every leading application in fear, be it WhatsApp, or anything.

How is it going to be so smooth process for MTN in Africa is the big question. Well, the answer to it is very simple. Telcos! Telcos are the backbone of African innovation. MTN is the largest telco in Africa. And here applying two plus two, that is telcos being the major and MTN being the major in telcos, MTN has its way built.

This was just about the fame we talked about. If talking about finances, MTN’s market share is 15 times bigger than the next player in Africa. Now, what gives them an upper hand? Everything! AYOBA should not be ignored – its real end is to serve as the backbone of local e-commerce. MTN has enough finances and support to make this work.

Any leading company in the industry should think twice before ignoring AYOBA as it is the innovation of one of the largest network operators in the world. They have power. They have enough of it to make this application rule everywhere around  Africa. How? They succumb to the African elite and dictators. Africa Experience the highest internet shutdown in the world. MTN depends on these governments, meaning they can hand over your data at will, they can pinpoint and switch off your connection, they can do anything between. They can massively target people. They are undoubtedly the ones in power.

Ayoba should not be ignored because now MTN controls would control the whole ecosystem. From owning the telecom lines, and the software that runs on it. This is so much power. There is a huge monopoly which would be at play here. African governments and legislators can easily be bought. MTN would have their way. No one can stop this until it gets out of hand.

Besides everything, why WhatsApp can not do this? Why not any other popular software can?  MTN is not an Engineering company. They are a sales company. They just want to sell, sell sell. The salesman does do not care about what or who they sell ( MTN has no conscience), they have no interest or maybe now how to combat this.

With all this in hand, there is no way that AYOBA could suffer existence in the market against any of the applications. It is targeting the need, it has the support, it knows what its competitors have been unsuccessful to implement, it is a perfect salesman. We should not just look at it and pass, I was looking at the team behind adobe, with the right team to execute the idea, MTN holds the Joker. They hold the yam and the knife.

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