Dachshund Dog: The German Pride

The Dachshund dog is the world’s most recognizable dog breed. It has been the perpetual companion of Picasso to Warhol. As per the previous history of this breed Dachshunds’ origin was as a hunting dog. This dog breed was bred to locate bay animals and to track the game by German foresters. Everyone is familiar with this lovable little fellow which have a sausage-like body, waving tail, and fubsy legs. The image of Dachshund is common in cartoons and commercials. The dachshund has won the heart of many by standing on the 7th position in American Kennel Club (AKC). It is a hot favorite for dog lovers.

Dachshund seems to be the fearless breed by doing many stunts like by itself. From going underground through small dark spaces, chase game through thick brush, to climb the table to finish the food, this dog breed can do every stunt. Following the US and British breed standards Dachshunds is considered as the courageous one. The Dachshund has been considered as the national symbol of Germany for a very long time. During the First World War Dachshund was intimately associated with Germany.

Dachshund may be a great watchdog. The Dachshund dog breed may be small in size but it is big in personality. This dog breed is super active, peart and athletic. Don’t judge it by its size, it can be a great threat to strangers for its dangerous bark.

General Appearance-

  • The Dachshund dog breed is near to the ground.
  • The body looked like sausage for its long body shape, short leg, and muscular development.
  • The skin of this dog breeds looks supple without a wrinkle.
  • This dog breed has a high capability of movement as the weight of this breed is well- balanced. 
  • Dachshund is a confident and intelligent dog breed.
  • The hunting spirit of this dog breed is excellent for its sharp nose.
  • Loud tongue and specific body shape made it suitable for the below-ground activities.
  • Its keen nose makes it an expert tracer.

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Height- The standard height of the Dachshund dog breed is 8 to 9 inches and miniature version heights of 5 to 6 inches.

Weight- The Dachshunds dog breed is available in two sizes; one of 16 to 32 pounds of body weight and the miniature breed weighs 11 pounds or less than that.

Life Expectancy- The lifespan of the Dachshunds dog breed is 12 to 16 years.

The dachshund dog breed is a scent chasing dog breed, to hunt badgers, rabbits, foxes, and other tunneling animals. Sometimes the pack of Dachshunds is also applied to trace wild hog. At present, the versatility of this dog breed has made it an excellent small- game hunter and family companion. Dachshunds come in various colors, patterns, and three types of coats. The three variations of Dachshunds are smooth which is shorthaired, longhaired, and wirehaired. 

The small size of this dog breed doesn’t matter as being small Dachshunds are very delightful. Dachshunds are a friendly companion for any family. Since the year 1950 Dachshunds have been ranked among the top most popular dogs. The cute texture and lively nature have bought many nicknames to this dog breed like; hot dog, wiener dog, sausage dog, Dashie, Doxie. In Germany Dachshunds are also known as their nicknames; Dachels, Teckels, and Dachsels. Though this dog breed was developed for hunting fierce badgers, at present this dog breed is tamed as a pet in families. Presently, Dachshunds are a popular face in agility, obedience, conformation, earth dog trials, field trials, Dachshund races like Wiener Nationals. The Dachshunds are a hard-working and well-obtained dog breed. Saga provides more detailed information on the history, nature of this dog breed.


  • Dachshund can be difficult and chesty to housebreak. Training is needed to train this breed properly.
  • As this dog breed grows independently, it may be mischievous. So be patient during the training time.
  • This dog breed was bred for hunting it may behave of its nature.
  • Dachshunds like to bark loudly.
  • Look after maintaining the weight of your Dachshunds and provide a healthy meal.
  • During holding your Dachshund support its back.
  • By nature, Dachshunds will be suspicious to strangers as it is a one-person dog breed. It is very important to socialize your dog from its puppy stage.
  • To get a healthy Dachshund, avoid buying a puppy from a puppy mill, pet store or irresponsible breeder.

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Dogs really deserve the title ‘Man’s best friend’. Dogs are affectionate, devoted and known as the best companion to improve our minds. When it comes to select the best company as a pet, you can go for Dachshunds without any doubt. This famous dog breed can be your best companion. The ever-alert expression, bold and buoyant personality of Dachshund has made it the superstar.

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