Donald Trump: Man With Veer Thoughts, part 2

let’s start from the point where we left in Donald Trump: Man with veer Thoughts part 1. The list of the saga of Donald Trump has many sagaraga. Trump teased Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential campaign, calling her ‘Pocahontas’ in a tweet “see you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz. The capitalized TRAIL is a reference in which Native Americans have forcefully relocated lead to thousands of death.

· Trump denied the making of the ‘shithole’ comment. The only connection between Donald trump’s statement about the NFL protests and his shithole comments is a race.

Donald Trump made a controversial statement in the year 2017 that people who migrated to the United States from Haiti; all of them had AIDS.

Donald Trump also commented that people who came to the United States from Nigeria would never go back to their land once they see America. The White House tweeted that President Trump never made such comments.

When Donald Trump spoke about immigration in a bipartisan conference on January 2018, he repeatedly asked that people from shithole countries such as Africa and Haiti have come in the United States. Trump later suggested that people from countries such as Norway should come to the United States.

Donald Trump feels that people from white countries are good, and those who are from black countries are bad. Trumps always keepings this Raga.

In 2011, Donald Trump played a significant role in pushing false news about Obama-who was the United States’ first black president born from a different country. He also sent investigating officers to Hawaii to check Obama’s birth certificate. Obama later released his birth documents, calling Trump a carnival barker. The research found that the theory is called racism. Trump repeatedly continued the conspiracy theory of birtherism in private.

· Also, in the year 2011, when Trump stated that Obama was not born in the United States. He also raises an argument that Obama was not a good student to have gotten into Harvard law school and even demanded of releasing Obama’s transcripts. Trump also said that Obama was a terrible student. He also questioned that how does a bad student can go to Harvard or Columbia University.

· In 2010, there was a controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque- it was a proposal for the development of a Muslim community center in lower Manhattan, which was near the site of the 9/11 attacks. Trump also opposed the project saying it is insensitive and gave to buy out one of the investors in the project.

Trump also argued on the late show with David Letterman referring Muslims; somebody’s blowing us up buildings. He also commented that somebody is doing a lot of bad stuff.

· In 2005, Trump also said publically that: what was mostly The Apprentice: white vs. black people. He said that he was not happy. He was considering an idea that is relatively controversy- were creating a team of unbeaten whites vs. a group of successful whites. People like the idea or not, but it is reflective of the vicious world.

· In the year 2004, which was season two of The Apprentice, Trump fired Kevin Allen, who was a black contestant for being overeducated. You are a talented guy in terms of education, and you have not done anything. Trump said on the show. Trump said that “you must say enough at times.” offer detail about Donald Trump and his controversy.

· When there was an opposition to a casino which was proposed by the St. Regis Mohawk tribe saw a financial threat to casinos in Atlantic City.

Trump ran a series of ads secretly suggesting that the tribe had a record of criminal activity.

· In 1993, in congressional testimony, Trump commented that Native American reservations those who operate casinos should not be allowed because they do not look like Indians to me. Raga offers detail about Donald Trump and his controversy

· The casino and the trump plaza hotel had to pay a penalty of $200,00 because it is transferred women and black dealers off tables to occupy gambler prejudices. Saga offers detail about Donald Trump and his controversy

· A book written by John Donnell in the year 1991 who was a former president casino and the trump plaza hotel in Atlantic City, quoted trump criticism of a black accountant. Black guys count money, and I hate it. Only people I want to count my money should be short boys that wear yarmulkes every day. Trump also commented that I think that the boy is lazy. And it is not his fault, because laziness is a character seen in blacks. It is real, and I believe that. It is not anything that they can control and overcome.


Donald Trump likes himself to be in the limelight he keeps on commenting on people, communities, and countries. He is famous for his controversy

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