Donald Trump: Man With Veer Thoughts. Part 1

If you will ask President of the United States, Donald Trump, he is not a racist. He has said repeatedly, that he is the least racist individual that you have ever confronted.

But, Donald Trump actual record is altogether a different story.

On the campaign streaming, Trump repeatedly made bigoted remarks from calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals recommending a ban on all Muslims. Muslims were entering the United States to telling a judge that he should recuse himself from the case because the judge was from Mexican heritage.

The trend continues in his presidency. From, Stereotyping a black journalist to pandering to white supremacists. Because they held a rally in Virginia about the Trail of Tears, Trump has not stopped with his controversial statement even after the 2016 election. The saga of Donald Trump and his controversial statement.

Recently, Trump tweeted that several brown and black members of congress are “from countries whose governments are a total catastrophe. They should go back to their countries. The tweets were for Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It symbolizes a common racist trope used against the minority groups and immigrants who criticize the policies of the United States.

It is so lovely to see the progressive democrat congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose government are a total catastrophe, most corrupt, the worst and inept in the world.

It is not new for Donald Trump. The Donald trump appeared in the controversy in the pages of the New York Times in the 1970s. Trump implores for racial discrimination by the United States department of justice. He has been appeared in newspaper pages across the globe because of his controversies.

Donald Trump’s controversy is essential. One suggests that making a controversial statement is a part of Donald Trump’s personality, career, and character.

Donald Trump and his controversial statement:

Donald Trump lashing out at Danish Prime Minister on the purchase of Greenland

·President Trump lashed out on 21 August 2019 at Danish Prime Minister Frederiksen said that the leader of the United States ally made nasty comments regarding his interest to buy Greenland

Trump was planning for his two-day visit to Copenhagen, and he called off the tour as Danish Prime minister refused to entertain the sale of Greenland to the United States. Sagaraga offers a detailed story over the controversy

Trump also tweeted that I am the chosen one

A few hours before after the Jewish people who gave to Democrats of disloyalty that drew widespread condemnation, President Trump quoted to a controversial radio host who called him the King of Israel. Donald Trump is the second coming of God in the series of inflammatory remarks about Jews. Trump tweeted, saying that I am the chosen one during an interview with the white house journalist. He was referring to the crucial role that he played in managing the trade war with China. Raga offers a detailed story over Donald Trump’s controversy.

Trump also debated over Fed speech and called for tightening policy

President of United States Donald Trump jumped started questioning over New York Fed President John Williams’s speech. He commented that the market interpreted as a signaling an aggressive rate cut. But the New York Fed office walked out without an explanation. Donald Trump criticized the central bank and commented that it should stop its crazy moves to tighten the Fed policy.

Donald trump Kashmir mediation comment triggers a massive spark

Donald Trump claimed that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to meditate on the Kashmir issue. Trump’s controversial statement triggered a massive political row. Indian external minister Jaishankar asserted that no such request was made to United States President. All the issues on Kashmir will be solved with Pakistan bilaterally.¬† Tough situation says Donald trump after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Article 370 was revoked in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The status of Jammu and Kashmir was removed under section 370. The purpose of the Indian government to remove article 370 and 35A was to promote socio-economic development and also to encounter terrorism from the country. When Pakistan asked help from United States trump commented that first, you end terrorism. After that Trump urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and prime minister Imran Khan to work towards reducing tensions in the region. After the conversation, trump tweets that tough situation but pleasant conversation. Saga of detailed controversy on Donald trump.


. It is nothing new that he criticizes anybody at any time. Donald Trump criticizes people and countries now and then. Stay connected with Sagaraga for part 2 and more.

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