India Pakistan Relation After 5 August

The relation between India and Pakistan has changed after 5 august. In a historic moment, the Indian Parliament weakened article 370 and abolished the article 35A. By doing this now all laws which are not applicable to J&K are now applicable to this border state. Finally, India has now fully integrated as one nation one law.

The relation between Indian and Pakistan never had been normal since the origin of Pakistan as a nation. So after amendment in 370 and 35 A, it was obvious Pakistan had to make noise because Kashmir was a bowl through which Pakistan used to beg for the loans from many nations. With just a stroke Indian government snatched that bowl from Pakistan. Addressing the nation PM said that it is a new beginning of people of J&k and Ladakh.I will bring a flood of development in the valley and Ladakh. And also assure people of Kashmir that the U.T. status of the state is not permanent.

Pakistan’s failed attempt to gain support against India

Pakistan never recognized J & K as part of India and now India has abolished the articles now Pakistan did not have any option left can pretend to act while it can not do anything. Pakistan gave order Indian diplomats to leave Pakistan is a step which shows its frustration and immaturity as a nation. The second step taken by Pakistan is the suspension of trades with India, although a good move, only to keep its people happy. Trade between India and Pakistan does not take place directly but through the third country so again a suicidal step for Pakistan which already struggling with its economy.

IMF has given loans to Pakistan with the strong conditions. Pakistan has to pay heavy loans to China, its economy already deteriorating, Pakistani Rupees does not stand even nearby dollar. Stopping Samjhauta Express, and other cross borders transport has a reverse impact on Pakistan because mostly Pakistani citizens come to India for medical, and religious purposes. Banning trades with India is like an axe on its own feet, again tomato becomes a nightmare to Pakistan.

Pakistan baned Samjhauta express after 5 august

Now Pakistan starts playing its flute in front of the world, Knock every door of the institution like UNSC, UN, OIC etc. But all kept a distance from this Kashmir issue and suggests both sides to keep restrain at the border. The USA goes one hand ahead and intrusted Pakistan to control terrorism from its soil. The UAE, Pakistan’s all-weather friend said that Kashmir is an internal issue of India. Russia supported India saying that it is an internal matter of India. Pakistan set itself on the corner, today no one care for Pakistan and its Kashmir tools.

Only China and turkey supported issue, China’s CPEC project is in Pakistan, so keeping its billion-dollar project alive China has to support Pakistan. Turkey has its own issues with western countries. China has a trade war with the USA and other countries also against China’s imperial policy.

India’s step

PM Narendra Modi has shown statesman skill on this Kashmir issues. His address to Kashmiri people is a step to gain confidence. India gains support from all over the world that show strong diplomatic strength of India. Now India has to develop Kashmir as soon as possible. Also keep its vigilance at the western border because Pakistan has no other option left except terrorism.

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